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  Mazlum 2010 product catalogue 

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Largest producer and exporter of the aluminium packaging materials in the Middle East...
Mazlum Ambalaj ® - Aluminium foil containers....

Manufacturer of aluminium foil containers, laminated cardboard lids, aluminium foil rolls, PVC stretch film rolls and PE stretch film rolls for food wrap and industrial grade PE film rolls suitable for pallet wrap, plastic cutlery products such as forks, spoons, knives, stirrers, etc., printed and lacquered aluminium foil and PVC coils, decorative PVC and aluminium capsules as bottle closures.
Quality Certificates
Aluminium Foil Containers

Aluminium foil containers and trays for food service.
Alu Foil Rolls & Pvc Cling Films

Household Aluminium foil and PVC Cling films manufacturing.
Wine & Oil Bottle Capsules

Wine and oil bottle capsules manufacturing.

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